Greatest Dive Log – Diving Log 5.0 & Dive Log App

I have purchased several dive log applications and 10+ iPhone apps for mobile dive logs. I have FINALLY found a combination of PC software and mobile app that has everything that a diver needs. It has to be said first and foremost that I am not being paid by any company to rate the software. With that out of the way all users should also know that these are 2 separate applications that simply sync with each other. I would recommend using the dropbox (you have to setup a free account with dropbox) method for synchronization. This let you share everything between all the computers you own.

Diving Log 5.0 is the PC based software and Dive Log App is the Android/iPhone App. Several of the great benefits to using Diving Log 5.0 is that is syncs with several other computer applications and web based dive logs. Several of the online storage or uploading options are:

  • DiveLogs
  • YourDivelog
  • Dilog
  • Dropbox
  • DiveLogPool
  • Uemis

Diving Log 5.0 is compatible with virtually every computer. If you cannot find your computer then simply send a request to the company. I will conduct a follow up on this topic when I get my Hollis DG05 (which is not currently listed as being supported).

Also Diving Logs 5.0 offers some great reporting options.  PADI standard and PADI Pro reports are available.  Another great option is that any (paid) user can create a pdf or similar document and send it to them, they will then code the document to be able to use your log information to fill out the report form.  Each dive (or only selected ones) will be on their own sheet and ready to put into your divelog.

The interface is spectacular; each user can customize the input page which will allow for quick and easy logbook keeping.  This application can be customized for just about every type of diver, beginners, pros and technical divers.

Every piece of the divers equipment can be added which will assist in keeping track of buoyancy and weight.  Pictures related to the dive can be added as well.  A map of the dive site can be added and geotagged to Goggle Earth as well.

Diving Logs 5.0 offers diver the ability to import and finely track every detail of the dive.  Combined with the ease of syncing and iPhone compatibility there is simply no better option that I have been able to find to date.

Diving Log 5.0 website

Check back for an update on how easy the process goes with requesting the addition of the Hollis DG05 computer.

April 2012 Diving Photos

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Here are the pictures from this past weekend with Aquatic Frontier at Sacheon Beach on the East Coast of South Korea.

Sacheon Beach & Boat Dives

So this weekend the 38th Parallel Divers went with Aquatic Frontier to assist in getting video and pictures for their new website  There was one brave Open Water diver who braved the cold and obtained his WELL deserved certification.  Also one member was completing several skills for his PADI Divemaster certification.  We had beautiful (compared to last trip) conditions.  The water temp ranged from 44 – 50 degrees and the air temp was around 60 degrees during the day and sunny.  This weekend was a strange weekend for us in that we were able to swim through a bloom of jellyfish.  We got some really great video from this weekend which should be uploaded in the next couple of hours.  It looks like we will be going to the ocean in two weeks so plan ahead and pack your bags; there is still room available for anyone interested in going to Palau with us May 13-21.  This is going to be a phenomenal trip.  Congrats to Carel Aucamp for winning the patch giveaway!

Preparing for Upcoming Dive Trip

Get your gear pack and ready for the ocean! 38th Parallel Divers are going to the East Coast this weekend. Most likely we will be diving at Sacheon Beach as we have some Open Water Student that will be diving with us this weekend. The wind and waves look like they will be fairly decent so hopefully the viz is much better than last trip. You can check out the weather for the trip on WindFinder.

38th Parallel Divers – Patch Giveaway

Win a FREE 38th Parallel Divers patch! Be one of the first people to get a 38th Parallel Divers patch. We will be giving away 3 patches to random subscribers of our Facebook page, Twitter feeds, and YouTube channel. If you haven’t become a fan yet it isn’t too late. “Like” our Facebook page, Subscribe to our YouTube channel or get our Tweets and you could win a patch from us. The patches will be ready this Thursday and the winners will be announced either on Friday or Monday (we are going back out to the ocean this weekend). Once our patches are made we will be making them available for purchase; so if you didn’t win you still can get one.

Stay tuned for more giveaways! We will be making vinyl stickers as well. Once they are almost finished we will have another giveaway so that you can have some 38th Parallel Diver merchandise.

North of the 38th Parallel Images

A week late but here are the pictures that were taken April Fools Day 2012. Allen, Jay and Larry dove down to 90 feet. The visibility was poor thanks to the incredible winds and surge but the dive was great. Everyone stayed warm and dry in their drysuits. Our dive location on day 2 was Munam Resort which was about 1 hour north of the 38th Parallel. We hope you join us next time!

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38th Parallel & Northward

The 38th Parallel Divers went out to dive this weekend to finish their dry suit certifications and explore north of the 38th Parallel. Allen, Sammy, Jay and Larry decided to brave the cold weather and get wet. On Saturday the winds and waves were manageable but the viz was horrible at only 3 meters. On Sunday the viz was barely better 4-5 meters. This was not what we are used to on the South Korean east coast. Usually we are pretty lucky with 10 -15 meters of viz. This was a record setting weekend in that we all made it home from the east coast in about 3 hours!

Welcome to the 38th Parallel Divers Website Launch

Welcome to 38th Parallel website.  We are in the process of uploading new content and integrating the website with our Facebook page (38thParallelDivers).

This past weekend (April 1st) We decided to take a trip out to the South Korean East coast and once again dive at the 38th Parallel.  When we dive the 38th Parallel we like to use the 38th Marine dive shop.  This weekend was purely for training with Aquatic Frontier for dry suit certifications.  Several of us had purchased dry suits and needed to finish the open water portion of the certification.

The viz was very poor, only about 3M (9 feet).  Usually we have much better viz but there was nothing we could do about it with the amount of wind that we had.  We all finished our certifications on Saturday and then had a much deserved hot meal.  On Sunday the guys headed North, yes I said North of the 38th Parallel, to get in some diving that some of have never done before.  The viz was only slightly better at about 4M (12 feet). Allen, Jay and myself decided to do a deeper dive to get comfortable with our dry suit inflation and squeeze.  We dove to around 28M (90 feet) and then surfaced.

One of the greatest things about this weekend was that we were able to make it back home from the east coast in 3 hours flat.  This is almost unheard of seeing as how it normally takes us around 5-6 hours due to traffic.