Palau Video 1

Here is the first video of our trip to Palau.  We dove with Sam’s Tours in Koror, Palau under the guide of Kostas. In this video we dove the following sites: Siaes Corner, Blue Corner, Ulong Channel, German Channel.

Back from Palau

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Ok so we are back from Palau and boy oh boy do we have a lot of footage and images to go through.  These images are ones that my wife took with her SLR (thanks Sarah).  I will be following this album with one just of diving images then the video(s) will be in the post reviewing Sam’s Tours.

I will be doing a small review on Sam’s Tours and the Light & Motion Sola 1200 Video light.

We all stayed at the Sea Passion Hotel which was quite comfortable for our diving excursion.  Very good AC’s, plenty of hot water and a good free breakfast every morning.  The Sea Passion is within walking distance of several good places to eat including, The Drop Off Bar and Grill, Kramer’s, Sam’s Bottom Time Bar & Grill.  The other eating establishments offer free pickup and return, we used this for The Taj.  The Steakhouse offered this as well and for Little Italy we used the shoe leather express (about 3 miles round trip).  All places were very good.  If you would like to read more about the hotel and restaurants please read the blog postings:

The Sam’s Tours review will cover each day and the following dive locations with video highlights:

  • Big Drop Off
  • Blue Corner
  • Chandelier Cave
  • Chuyo Haru Wreck
  • German Channel
  • Ngerchong Outside
  • Sam’s Macro Wall
  • Siaes Corner
  • Siaes Tunnel
  • Ulong Channel


Palau days 1-3

Day one started early, at 830 Sams Tours picked us up and we headed out for Ulong Channel and Saies Corner where we saw unbelievable hard and soft coral for thousands of meters in each direction. We also saw schools of baracuda, turtles, lots of sharks, trident, trumpet, pyramid butterfly, parrotfish, groupers, unicorn, spanish mackerel, hump head wrasse, bump head parrot fish… and many more.

Day 2 we went to Blue Corner and literally rode some amaging current while hooked in to the edge of the wall. Many sharks circled the corner in front of us and rode the current. The current was so strong that the air bubbles dont go up they go straight back… Amazing!! After the Blue Corner we did the German Channel. This absolutely lived up to its reputation; we saw 4 GIANT Manta Rays and 1 smaller one, Eagle Rays, marbled stingray and feather tail stingray.

Day 3 we headed back out to Ulong Channel, Shark City and Saeis Corner. The Ulong Channel brought us some great views again with too many fish to mention. For the second dive we attempted Shark City however we had to abort the dive due to equipment not working correctly. At Saeis corner we had a great dive again seeing several turtles, at the end we saw a turtle about 3 feet across (we work the turtle up from sleeping and were able to watch it swim away).

So far I have about 75GB of video between the helmet and hand cam. I cant say enough how much I like the GoPro cams.

Tomorrow we have an early wakeup and are off to jellyfish lake.

Ready for Palau!

So the 38th Parallel Divers are off to warm water, sun and amazing diving in Palau. We are looking forward to some amazing video and sites, especially the Blue Corner and Jellyfish Lake. Stay tuned because we will be updating video and pictures from our dive trip while we are there. It’s still not to late for anyone to join us…