Technical Diving in Cebu, Philippines

38th Parallel Diver Larry Bainbridge flew down to Cebu, Philippines to take the Tec40 course at Scotty’s Action Sports located at the Shangri-La Resort. The Instructor was Ray Bright with the assistance of Lee Butler (Course Director for GoPro Philippines).

Dive Site: Marigondon Cave
Depth: 38M
Bottom Time: 17
Back Gas: 28%
Deco Gas: 48%

Dive Site: Shangri-La Marine Sanctuary
Depth: 39M
Bottom Time: 13
Back Gas: 21%
Deco Gas: 48%

2012 Labor Day Weekend

It is a great dive trip any time that we are able to dive for 3 days. The traffic coming home isn’t an issue and it seems that we get to relax a bit more during our surface intervals. Having had a Typhoon the week prior and a Tropical Storm at the beginning of our weekend made for some extremely challenging diving and less than ideal conditions; but hey if you can dive here in those conditions then diving everywhere else is a breeze! This is one of the reasons why we LOVE diving in South Korea, best training grounds for enhancing dive skills.

Saturday: Scuba Camp, Samcheok
Sunday: 38th Marine, on the 38th Parallel
Monday: Sacheon Dive Resort, Sacheon Beach