38th Parallel Divers – Patch Giveaway

Win a FREE 38th Parallel Divers patch! Be one of the first people to get a 38th Parallel Divers patch. We will be giving away 3 patches to random subscribers of our Facebook page, Twitter feeds, and YouTube channel. If you haven’t become a fan yet it isn’t too late. “Like” our Facebook page, Subscribe to our YouTube channel or get our Tweets and you could win a patch from us. The patches will be ready this Thursday and the winners will be announced either on Friday or Monday (we are going back out to the ocean this weekend). Once our patches are made we will be making them available for purchase; so if you didn’t win you still can get one.

Stay tuned for more giveaways! We will be making vinyl stickers as well. Once they are almost finished we will have another giveaway so that you can have some 38th Parallel Diver merchandise.

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