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May 2013 TecSidemount, Whalesharks and Waterfalls
Location: Moalboal, Cebu Philippines

Project Aware Ocean Clean-up for Earth Day 2013
Location: Ingu Beach Coastal Area

Tec, Wreck and Deep Dive
Location: Ingu & Kyung Po Resort

Tec 50, 40 and a 100th Dive
Location: Ingu

2012 Thanksgiving Open Water & Gas Blender
Location: Ingu

2012 Thanksgiving Weekend
Location: Ingu

38th Parallel Divers, Divemaster & Open Water Certification
Location: Ingu &amp 38th Parallel

2011-2012 Korea Diving Highlights
Location: East Coast Korea

Open Water Certification & Fun Diving
Location: Sacheon Beach & Resort Boat Dives

Dry Suit Certification & Fun Diving
Location: 38th Parallel & Munam

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