Dive Against Debris Specialty

Dive Against Debris with Project AWARE


We will be doing a Dive Against Debris in the upcoming weeks:

How is this good for you?  We will be giving away some 38th Parallel Diver Swag to participants.

More Good News? We will also be requesting that you ask family, friends and local businesses to help us by donating dive’s and other support.

Dive Against Debris

How are 38th Parallel Diver’s Supporting the effort?  38th Parallel Diver’s will be donating the processing fees costs associated with the Dive Against Debris Certification to each diver who meets the criteria for the specialty (for our 1st Dive Against Debris dive event only)… It get’s even better for those that are trying to earn their PADI Master Scuba Diver rating because this specialty counts toward the Master Scuba Diver specialty requirement.  This means a free specialty!!

Our interest started because many of our divers recently helped out with a beach clean-up (hosted by Aquatic Frontier last month).  We pulled a few hundred pounds (many kilos) from the harbor water and beach.  At first it doesn’t seem like much fun to spend a dive (money and time) in 1-5 meters of water getting pushed up against rocks in poor visibility.  However realizing that a few of us can actually make a difference does help.  At first I think many of the Koreans were wondering what type of animals we were stealing from their waters because they kept inspecting our bags as we came ashore.  After a few rounds they discovered we were  pulling tires, plastic, fishing line and other abandoned debrisfrom the environment.  Seeing the looks on the locals’ faces as the foreigners cleaned up their

2014_11_08-09_035waters was reward enough.  This small gesture let’s the local Korean’s and local divers know that we are a friendly and positive impact on the environment and local dive community.

This good feeling left most of the dive club wanting more; this made our instructors want to be able to contribute a bit more to the local community as well.  But how?  Thankfully I attended the 4th Quarter update and listened to the brief overview of the PADI Dive Against Debris Specialty.

Still not convinced?  Check out the Project AWARE Dive Against Debris Website

 This specialty contributes in a few ways:

  • Instructor application fees go directly to Project AWARE
  • Dive Site Survey pre and post Dive Against Debris Cleanup, assists with monitoring the local environment (is it improving or declining)
  • Student Processing Fees assist Project AWARE
  • last but most important…less debris in your local waters

This is a 1 dive specialty that teaches divers the importance of local conservation, it is a great practical follow-up to the search and recovery and/or navigation diver specialties.  This is because navigation skills are critical to survey the area accurately and search and recovery skills may be required to lift certain objects safely from the bottom.

Sacheon Beach & Boat Dives

So this weekend the 38th Parallel Divers went with Aquatic Frontier to assist in getting video and pictures for their new website www.aquaticfrontier.com.  There was one brave Open Water diver who braved the cold and obtained his WELL deserved certification.  Also one member was completing several skills for his PADI Divemaster certification.  We had beautiful (compared to last trip) conditions.  The water temp ranged from 44 – 50 degrees and the air temp was around 60 degrees during the day and sunny.  This weekend was a strange weekend for us in that we were able to swim through a bloom of jellyfish.  We got some really great video from this weekend which should be uploaded in the next couple of hours.  It looks like we will be going to the ocean in two weeks so plan ahead and pack your bags; there is still room available for anyone interested in going to Palau with us May 13-21.  This is going to be a phenomenal trip.  Congrats to Carel Aucamp for winning the patch giveaway!

38th Parallel Divers – Patch Giveaway

Win a FREE 38th Parallel Divers patch! Be one of the first people to get a 38th Parallel Divers patch. We will be giving away 3 patches to random subscribers of our Facebook page, Twitter feeds, and YouTube channel. If you haven’t become a fan yet it isn’t too late. “Like” our Facebook page, Subscribe to our YouTube channel or get our Tweets and you could win a patch from us. The patches will be ready this Thursday and the winners will be announced either on Friday or Monday (we are going back out to the ocean this weekend). Once our patches are made we will be making them available for purchase; so if you didn’t win you still can get one.

Stay tuned for more giveaways! We will be making vinyl stickers as well. Once they are almost finished we will have another giveaway so that you can have some 38th Parallel Diver merchandise.