Fourth of July (Independence Day) 2014

After a long break the 38th Parallel Divers took some time off from tour Korea topside and got back in the water. We went to Namae-ri Dive Resort and dive lots of recreational diving this 3 day weekend. It was great to see our dive buddies again, South Africa, the United Kingdom, the United States and of course Korea. We got to log some dives with divers in training conducting their Open Water course, Advanced Open Water Course and just plain fun diving. We had a great time grilling up some cheese burgers and sausages as well as eating some pasta salad, grilled potatoes, and even pickles and chips (crisps for our British friend).

The water is warming up to a nice temperature (roughly 19 C) down to a depth of 9 meters but from there on down it is brass monkeys (aka COLD)…now that I got in my British slang I hope that our Brit friends will stop beating me up for misuse ;). All jokes aside the thermoclines were a bit chilly at 9m (14 C) and then again at 18m (10-11 C). These temps were a bit chilly in 5mm wet suits and made us miss our dry suits. Wet suits are nice though and do make for easy on/off recreational diving. It was an easy transition from the last dive to getting the burgers on the grill and food in the belly.

Thanks again to everyone that came out and it was great to meet and dive with all of our (hopeful) new followers. We hope to see you on the coast and in the water again soon.

If you would like to see more surface pictures from this weekend check out the BackPackBees Blog post.

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