Greatest Dive Log – Diving Log 5.0 & Dive Log App

I have purchased several dive log applications and 10+ iPhone apps for mobile dive logs. I have FINALLY found a combination of PC software and mobile app that has everything that a diver needs. It has to be said first and foremost that I am not being paid by any company to rate the software. With that out of the way all users should also know that these are 2 separate applications that simply sync with each other. I would recommend using the dropbox (you have to setup a free account with dropbox) method for synchronization. This let you share everything between all the computers you own.

Diving Log 5.0 is the PC based software and Dive Log App is the Android/iPhone App. Several of the great benefits to using Diving Log 5.0 is that is syncs with several other computer applications and web based dive logs. Several of the online storage or uploading options are:

  • DiveLogs
  • YourDivelog
  • Dilog
  • Dropbox
  • DiveLogPool
  • Uemis

Diving Log 5.0 is compatible with virtually every computer. If you cannot find your computer then simply send a request to the company. I will conduct a follow up on this topic when I get my Hollis DG05 (which is not currently listed as being supported).

Also Diving Logs 5.0 offers some great reporting options.  PADI standard and PADI Pro reports are available.  Another great option is that any (paid) user can create a pdf or similar document and send it to them, they will then code the document to be able to use your log information to fill out the report form.  Each dive (or only selected ones) will be on their own sheet and ready to put into your divelog.

The interface is spectacular; each user can customize the input page which will allow for quick and easy logbook keeping.  This application can be customized for just about every type of diver, beginners, pros and technical divers.

Every piece of the divers equipment can be added which will assist in keeping track of buoyancy and weight.  Pictures related to the dive can be added as well.  A map of the dive site can be added and geotagged to Goggle Earth as well.

Diving Logs 5.0 offers diver the ability to import and finely track every detail of the dive.  Combined with the ease of syncing and iPhone compatibility there is simply no better option that I have been able to find to date.

Diving Log 5.0 website

Check back for an update on how easy the process goes with requesting the addition of the Hollis DG05 computer.

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