IDC Day 3 “Happiness Denied”

© 2014 Camille Lemmens


0700 wake up
0800 breakfast
0900 pool (Graded Skills)

Today’s focus was the graded skill circuit! Talk about nervous. I don’t care how good you feel your diving skills are anytime someone is conducting a critical evaluation of your abilities to perform demonstration quality skills there will be some anxiousness. As expected everyone did an excellent job and remembered all aspects of their skill demonstrations.

© 2014 Camille Lemmens


Once the graded skill circuit was completed we moved right into Confined Water Presentation where our Course Director did CESA (Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent) Presentation, Demonstration and Instructor portion for us to see first hand. This was a great aid to see exactly what will give us maximum grades.

As any former IDC candidate can tell you it would be a day in the pool without rescue #7. Day 3’s rescue went even better, now that it is becoming muscle memory we can focus on perfecting each individual sub-tasks and better determine what is the best way to accomplish each little detail that we will be evaluated on. This is also a great place to find out how fellow candidates’ equipment works and is removed effectively.

I am sure that some of you looking at this title you immediately thought that one of our fellow instructor candidates had a problem with skills or some other task. This wasn’t the case, in fact this comes from a fellow instructor candidate, Carel, who said “Happiness Denied” as a response to not being allowed to watch the über motivated PADI actors performs skill demonstrations for a second and third time. While Carel and the all the instructor candidates were eagerly looking for more entertainment others were invoking post-lunch siesta rights…

Allen Sleeping
© 38thParallelDivers

In his defense he has been extremely busy ensuring all the logistics and coordinations are made and in-place for each day’s events like classroom setup, equipment repair and more.

To finish out the day we were given our Knowledge Development Lessons and our Confined Water Presentation topics to complete as homework and be evaluated on first thing in the morning. Ok everyone…it has begun…we will now be evaluated on our actual Instructor skills! Briefing, demonstrating, problem solving, controlling & delivery, debrief…and that’s just for the confined water. Knowledge development is set in a classroom environment and requires Intro, Content, Summary and Overall handling (and many sub tasks, participation, visual aids and more).

Since we are all fairly tech savvy we decided to leverage some collaborative technology in order to provide the best content…we will be using Google Docs to create a shared word processing document that we can each simultaneously work on. Each candidate has his/her own section that can be seen by the entire class in real-time as it is being created. Google Docs also allows for the class to text back and forth to each other as any questions/concerns arise. We will see how this helped everyone out tomorrow. Wish us luck!

On a non-IDC note we just had customized mesh Dive Gear Bags (with the 38th Parallel Divers Logo of course) designed today. We are told they will be ready 18 August 2014, we will post a picture once they are complete with final prices. Anyone interested please let us know (please message us on our Facebook Page).

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