IDC Day 4 – Good Presentation, But….

PADI IDC July 2014, Osan ROK, Skill circuit 020
© 2014 Camille Lemmens


0700 – Wakeup
0800 – Breakfast
0900 – Pool (Confined Water Presentations, Rescue #7, 800m Swim)
1300 – Rescue Diver Presentation form CD followed by Instructor Candidate Presentations
1800 – done in classroom

So today we had an stressful and eventful day but everyone performed perfectly in every demonstration, skill and presentation… This is what we wish we had heard.

Everyone did do well and learned a great deal of information via constructive criticism. Everyone was very motivated in the morning to knock out Confined Water Presentations. This was the first time that many of us were being evaluated by a Course Director for Confined Water Presentations (we all did our Assistant Instructor Course with an IDC Staff Instructor). Now you would think that this shouldn’t matter however the aura of the CD (more like the oh shit, I better not mess this up because I am getting graded factor) had us all nervous. At each presentation we would quickly huddle for last minute advice or clarity from our fellow instructor candidates and then want to get right to it. Once our presentations were completed we would come to the surface and try to reassure each other that we did great and scored a 4-5 no problem (just trying to make everyone feel better). The CD and the IDC Staff Instructor would step back and confirm what they each witnessed and us candidates would let each other know what we saw and most importantly let each other know if we corrected all of the problems.

Once all candidates were done with their presentations the Course Director and IDC Staff Instructor went over our performances. In our head we each hit every point and didn’t miss a thing…then we heard the words “That was a good presentation, but…” followed by spirit crushing constructive criticism. It wasn’t really spirit crushing, it was very professional and will definitely assist us in the IE. No one LIKES to hear they weren’t perfect but everyone wants to hear how to improve to pass the IE with high marks. Catch 22.

PADI IDC July 2014, Osan ROK, Skill circuit 045
© 2014 Camille Lemmens
As no surprise we had the Rescue #7 to do. Once again we were able to fine tune our skills and give each other feedback of anything that could possibly deduct points during the Instructor Exam. Proper head control, ensuring to seal the mask and WEIGHT BELT (weight belt), Mask (mask) … oh no the flashbacks have begun…

Once Rescue #7 was complete we used a bit of peer pressure to convince fellow candidates that we should knock out the 800m swim. In his defense he did run 5+ miles that morning prior to breakfast…still can’t figure out why anyone runs when we have cars?? Once that was done we crawled out of the pool and each indulged ourselves with some food that we normally wouldn’t. A few got delicious carb packed bread/cheese sticks while others opted for large hoagies (sandwiches) instead of the normal small…but hey we swam 800m (some more because they forgot count).

Now for our personal favorite…Knowledge Development Presentations. This was homework from the previous night. For some of us it was fresh in our heads form a few weeks ago, and other’s hadn’t done these presentations in 7 months. There is something magical that happens, almost like witchcraft, a candidate makes this great plan that spells out a perfect presentation that hits every requirement…then something happens where (despite it being written right in front of your face, on on the screen) the candidate simply forgets to discuss that item. I think there are evil gnomes that live in my computer or note cards that delete and erase key points, then write them back after the presentation is complete, leaving the instructor candidate baffled by him/her not mentioning a topic that is clearly highlighted…

“P” for plenty is a formula used by demolition experts, this however does NOT translate into presentations. The goal apparently is not to see long you can present a single topic for?? Apparently you should be quick and to the point…who would have thought? In our never ending quest to hit EACH and EVERY graded mark me inundate the audice with repetition and massive details. Did you catch you breath? Everyone passed the presentations…but more are to follow, our class cannot get enough Prescriptive Teaching training.

Once the presentations were done (and the Oreo’s gone…thanks Carel) we had our final presentation of the day … more standards, Adventure in Diving. “Knowing Where to Look Without Wasting Time”.

Finally done for the day right? Hahahahahaha NOPE! We each were given new presentations for tomorrow and oh yea … Dive Theory exam tomorrow (graded). Then of course blogging for anyone who is still reading this post… then perhaps some food and sleep….

Hopefully you enjoyed the read…good night.

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