IDC Day 5 – Punishment while on Vacation…

PADI IDC Theory exams in progress

0700 – Wake-Up
0800 – Breakfast (perhaps one day, haha)
0900 – Classroom (Graded Theory Tests, 1 Graded Presentations)
1200 – lunch
1300 – (remainder of graded presentations, Professional Membership & Divemaster Presentations)
1800 – Complete

People reading the blog and/or Facebook posts were asking, “Do you Ever Work? All you do is diving stuff.”  NOPE, don’t have to worry about work…we took vacation so we could be punished by our Course Director and IDC Staff.  Not really they have been great; it is us who is most critical of ourselves because at this point we expect perfection from ourselves.

How fitting is it to be listening to Eminem’s Survival while writing this blog? This process does feel like “Survival of the Fittest, this…is…DO or DIE” sometimes. Morale was so high at one point a candidate expressed his feeling of achievement regarding his presentation by saying, “my presentation was so bad I got criticized by my McDonald’s wrapper last night!”

So how did the IDC go today? Well the day started with all dive theory tests: Physics, RDP/eRDP, Equipment, Skills & Environment and Physiology. Every did well on the tests with only a little difficulty on physics for some. There is no doubt that the questions are simply designed to mess with a person. I don’t care how knowledgeable an instructor is these tests will find a way to have you wondering if you even know your own name. Double negatives and weird associative logic where you bring a damn bag with air from 40m to 20m. Do they ask how much air you have now…NOPE. They ask how much it has changed from 40m to 20m, here is my answer… who the hell cares…you have air in a bag at 20 meters. After some directed anger at the demented evil examination creators and a convoluted quasi formula at trying to figure out how the hell you get 5/3 without actually just “getting it” …. ah forget it … just watch the video and smile…Happiness…..APPROVED!


After lunch we moved into presentations with everyone doing well and getting a second passing score. Today there were no longer 20+ minute presentations and we all were able to effectively and efficiently deliver a quality presentation.

Once we have finally given in to the PADI methodology and succumbed to their presentation powers of 3’s (equipment, dives sites, continuing education) we will be ok. HIT THE POINTS and move ON! Where is that video again?



Phew…needed that…morale re-established!

Once we we finished the presentations we were finally able to relax a bit and be students again. We learned about professional membership and conducting the Divemaster course.

Finally we received tomorrow’s confined water presentations….because an IDC course day wouldn’t be complete without homework. Thankfully I was able to get mine done early and focus on this blog a bit. I think we are all ready for tomorrow to be over and head out to the ocean!

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