IDC Day 7 – There’s a CU over there ….. and a FU right here, and here, and here…


All your points are belong to us! (Course Director and IDC Staff motto)

So we had a day off yesterday to travel to the East Coast, Sacheon Beach Area. Due to half of the Korean Peninsula having vacation there was plenty of traffic. We had to go on and off and on and off the expressway to get around it all. Once we arrived here we linked up together to discuss how everything was going and logistics for the morning.

Around 2100-2130 we got a text that told us to have the presentations ready for the morning. Needless to say we had to dig deep for some fake motivation and get on with it. Some came back to the rooms and began planning, others finished the work that they had left over from other tasks and others just went to bed to get rest. Needless to say the presentations weren’t the greatest. Some of the candidates missed a performance point resulting in a “1” which means… you are a Go…preceded by a NO the sum of the total equals a NO GO. All joking aside it was good to have skills dissected to ensure we will be better able to pass the Instructor Exam coming up VERY shortly (Monday and Tuesday). So we will do it again tomorrow. Yes those candidates were not happy however everyone gets an opportunity to learn from each other and put that in the do not EVER do that or miss that again box. This is of course expected and taken in stride. Something that is common amongst this group is the desire not to simply pass but have high levels of expectations from ourselves. WE are our own worst critic that expects nothing but perfection. Perfection is our minimum, not just passing.  It probably sounds like we are hating our instructors right now when in fact it is us who we are frustrated with.

At this point it was no surprise that rescues went well, today was the mouth-to-mouth rescue. Tomorrow will be the pocket mask rescue. I am sure we will do fine at that as well. Being in salt water with 3-5mm wetsuits makes for quick and easy buoyancy.

The only real pain in the ass that we experienced was the hotel accommodations. We got out here early and the owner’s wife quoted us one price and was happy to take our cash without any issues. 24 hours later the lady was asking us to pay an extra 10,000KRW per day because it was peak season. This would have been ok however:

  1. the lady clearly agreed to the original cash price (110,000 cheaper for the week)
  2. their website says cheaper prices than what they wanted to adjust the new price to
  3. they now didn’t want to take credit cards now

This left us with a sour taste in our mouths to say the least, we are definitely contemplating if we ever use this place again; after all it isn’t at the dive shop and it is a 20 min ride out of the way from where we dive.  The hotel is the Program Motel near Sacheon Beach.  Usually the couple that owns it is exceptionally nice however this shady approach to business is not what we like to deal with.  Here is their site:

Program Motel

Up to you if you stay here or not.

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