IDC Day 8 (Final Day) – add a new 38th Parallel Diver!

38th Parallel Scuba Divers just before dive

0630 Wakeup
0730 Meet Up
0900 Open Water Dive Briefings at Namae Beach #2
1100 Open Water Dive Skills
1300 38th Parallel Dive
1600 Dinner & Relaxation

The final day of the Instructor Development Course (IDC) was great! We were ALL looking forward to completing our final Open Water Presentations during the IDC and going into the PADI Instructor Exam (IE). Needless to say there was a definite method to the madness which resulted in successful completion of the IDC for all instructor candidates. We can’t recommend his services enough, if you have anydesire to not simply pass the IE but excel during the IE please contact him.

The celebration is definitely bitter sweet because even though all of us did well in the IDC we still had to begin and successfully complete the IE. Talk about stress… not so much because it is anything terribly difficult, because at this point we have done all the skills hundreds of times…the only difference is we have the stress of ourselves on top of us because a PADI Regional Manager will be evaluating each of us and deciding if we will become an Instructor.

New 38th Parallel Divers

After the Open Water skills portion was complete 4 of us headed up to the 38th Parallel to welcome 2 new divers to the 38th Parallel Divers, Dive Club. Our Course Director (Camille Lemmens) and a fellow instructor candidate (Mike Podesta) joined myself and George Smith for a quick dive north of the 38th Parallel. We almost weren’t able to complete the dive because the local police said it was too dangerous of conditions to dive. We were finally able to convince them that a very short dive near the jacks would be ok for us and that made them feel better so they let us go in. As we were coming out of the water the emergency sirens were blaring for everyone to evacuate the water. As we exited we happily welcomed Camille and Mike to the dive club. The dive sites don’t have massive amounts of aquatic life and the conditions are often cold and murky but how many people can say they dove north of the 38th Parallel in South Korea?

Successful completion of the IDC, a dive above the 38th Parallel with 2 new club members…how could it get any better? Want to know what the dive was like? Check out Camille Lemmens Post on his blog about this dive

With some TTak (or Dak) Galbi:
Dak Galbi

Camille new 38th Parallel Diver
Now that our bellies were full of some delicious spicy chicken and vegetables we were able to express our gratitude to our great Course Director, Camille Lemmens. He is actually a PADI Platinum Course Director and it is definitely evident with his amazing talents in mentoring and instructing future dive industry leaders. His dedication was evident throughout the course, we all learned a great deal from this man…so to properly thank him we presented him some SWAG, 2 shirts and some stickers to put up. He can be contacted via his website PADI IDC Thailand.


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