IDC Day 1 – It Has Begun!

IDC Day 1 Group

The PADI IDC has begun…technically just the OWSI (Open Water Scuba Instructor) requirements because all of us attending are already certified PADI Assistant Instructors. That being said 3 candidates just finished the AI course so it should be fresh in their heads and 2 of us finished 7 months ago so the repetition is great for us.

It is definitely intimidating to start a course that tells you if you have what it takes to instruct others. I believe most of the stress is self induced (at least for me); our Course Director (CD) has been great in creating a relaxed, professional environment; which is critical for a positive experience.

The morning started off with a good breakfast, some of the candidates got together to talk some smack to relieve the tension before training. Others met up at the end of breakfast just prior to the start of Day 1.

After paperwork and presentations we dove right into the physics practice test which every passed without difficulty. Our CD opened up the class to questions on anything that we wanted to get a better grasp on and we also received the best advice (applicable to all tests):

1.RTFQ – Read The F***ing Question
2.ATFQ – Answer The F***ing Question
3.TTRB – Tick the Right Box (fill in the correct box on the answer sheet)
4.TAB – Tick a Box (no answer will definitely be WRONG)

I know I left out a few so I apologize to my fellow candidates and CD.

After the classroom we went to lunch followed by the pool. In a few moments were were about to be evaluated by a Course Director. But this experience was great, we were able to see perfect skills demonstrated by our Course Director and his IDC Staff Instructor just prior to us having to complete the skills. At the completion of every skill we were provided good feedback and tips for success during real-world instruction as well as some IE specifics.

Once skills were completed we got into Rescue 7. Rescue 7 is one of those skills that cannot be taken lightly; first off if it is needed in a real world situation someone’e life is literally in your hands, secondly there are so many sub-tasks that need to be completed (many in a specific order). Our class was able to get in 2 rescues each which left us feeling good about our improvement from the first rescue and got us all back into the mindset of PADI professionals.

Clean-up, refill tanks and FOOD! However the fun doesn’t stop there, we all had homework assignments to complete as well as any personal studying and visualization for tomorrow’s dives.

Quick write-up on the blog then finally SLEEP, see you all tomorrow!

The blog picture was courtesy of our Course Director, Camille Lemmens and his blog post can be found at, specifically here

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