Instructor Exam, Day 1 – The day is finally here…

IE Orientation Brief

It has taken a lot of training and mentorship to get here but we are finally starting the PADI Instructor’s Examination. I am sure that I don’t have to mention that everyone was excited and nervous; afterall our futures were in our hands. Our PADI Examiner was Kim Boo Kyung, he is also a PADI Regional Manager for this region. We were grateful to have him. He gave us our initial briefing and orientation and did a very good job at minimizing anxiousness.

PADI IE In Progress

Once the orientation was done we went straight into the Dive Theory Tests (12 questions in each: Physics, Physiology, RDP/eRDP, Skills & Environment, Equipment) and then the PADI Standards Exam (50 Questions). A required minimum score of 75% is needed; if you don’t pass the standards exam there are NO retakes.

Confined Water Prep

Thankfully everyone passed the exams without difficulty. As we each finished the exams most of us waited around to make sure everyone passed. Then we had to begin prepping our confined water presentations for after lunch.

Confined Water Presentations

After lunch we moved to the pool, which wasn’t too bad but definitely COLD! Fresh water outdoor pool, we all switched to semi-dry’s, 5mm, 7mm with hoods and gloves. Everyone did really well on the Confined Water Presentations scoring high marks all around.

At the completion of IE Day 1 we all were still “alive” without any problems. At this point 50% of the IE was complete. We needed some dinner…so we went out and had some good food in Gangneung. Once we were all back we had to hit the books again for one last night. We had to prepare our Open Water Presentations (another no-retake portion) and then our Knowledge Development Presentations for tomorrow.

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