PADI’s new Smart Phone App

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 15.01.59I am so pleased to see that PADI finally gave their smartphone app a facelift because the previous version was outdated from it’s initial release.  The app finally provides some needed and highly useful functionality.  The user interface is sleek and more closely matches the online experience now that PADI also recently updated their website.

One of the nicest features of the PADI app is the SSO (single sign on), it should be linked to your existing email address and password from previously established accounts (at least this is true for PADI Pros).  As many pros (should) already know that if they sign-up for Scuba Earth all their certifications will be available via PADI eCards (it will take a few days after initial signup for availability).  This is one more reason why it’s better to be a PADI Pro versus just a PADI Diver.

The new app is easy to navigate and offers instant access to pro check, tools (utilities) like knot tying, hand signal reviews, checklists, e-cards and even a digital logbook.  There is even a spot to get local weather.  The one tool I would ask PADI to incorporate into the next app update is a diver check…I understand that this can be done via login thru the web portal (via the app) however it would just be nice to see a button to access it as easily as the “Pro Check”.  There is no doubt this is a step up from the previous version…finally the PADI app is a useful tool that I am happy to have on my smart phone.

Final Verdict: This is a MUST have for all levels of PADI scuba divers!

PADI Mobile Apps Site:

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