Technical / Rebreather Reading

Below is a collection of recreational diving related materials that our club members have read and still have in their diving libraries.  On almost every dive trip we get questions from new and seasoned divers about which books are good to read…well are our recommendations.  We ask that if you are going to purchase on of the books below to use our links as they assist paying for this website.  We don’t get much but every penny counts to help pay for the site and keep our information flowing to you.



Jill Heinerth & Brian Kakuk
 Our Rating:5stars Jill Heinerth once again provides a great book for those wanting to get a foundation of knowledge regarding side mount diving.  The book is a great addition to anyone’s library but beginners will find this book most useful.

 Our Rating:5stars Hands down the #2 BEST technical diving books in existence.  This books covers 6 basic areas that ALL technical divers should master.  The author has extensive knowledge and experience in real-world diving situations and provides his insights.  This was a great read and made several of us re-think kit setup.

Deco for Divers: Decompression Theory and Physiology

Powell, Mark
 Our Rating:5stars Here it is THE GREATEST book for technical divers!  Mark Powell explains decompression theory and obligations like NEVER before.  This book even provides some great explanations on isobaric counter-diffusion which is a really difficult topic to explain.  If you are a technical diver or even thinking about technical diving you MUST have this book in your library!!

Anton Swanepoel
Kindle Edition

Our Rating:5stars We would rate this a our #3 go to book for technical diving.  This was a great read and did cover many of the topics discussed in Mark Powell’s book (above).  Between this book and Mark Powell’s there is no doubt that you will fully understand decompression diving.

Jill Heinerth
 Our Rating:5stars When we are out diving our rebreathers students and divers alike come up and ask, “I would like to buy a rebreather but I don’t know which one or if it is really beneficial for me”.  After reading this book you will have a really good idea about what it takes to dive a rebreather (cost, skills etc.) as well as when to and no/to dive a rebreather.

Kevin Evans, Richard Johnson
Kindle Edition
Our Rating: This book is a good book and does explain trimix diving however it was’t to the level that we were looking for for technical diving (hence the title Recreational Trimix Diving).  Still a good read.

Alex Kershaw
Kindle Edition
Our Rating:5stars Amazing story of the USS Tang (submarine) who was sunk off the Chinese coast during WWII.  We read this story to find out more about what our friends from Team Blue Immersion were preparing to encounter as they made preparations to put a plaque on the ship.

Mack S. House Jr.
Kindle Edition
Our Rating: This was a good read however it was rather short.  We were left wanting quite a bit more.  This felt like a semi-overview of the topic and we simply wanted to know more.

Bernie Chowdhury
Kindle Edition
5starsOur Rating:  Great book to read in conjunction with Shadow Divers (below).  This tells the tale of the Father & Son dive team that was diving the mysterious U-Boat found off the US East Coast.

Robert Kurson
Kindle Edition
5starsOur Rating:  Amazing true story of  divers who find a sunken U-Boat off the US East Coast and have to dive to extraordinary depths (sometimes on Air).  The story covers the search, location, multiple dives and research as well as coordination between US and German governments…as well as the deaths related to the dives.

Basic underwater cave surveying

John W. Burge
Our Rating: This was a very thorough book however because we are not cave divers yet nor surveyors this book was a bit on the dull side.  The book presents information that is simply unable to be practiced by us here and therefore lost our attention toward the end.  Hopefully in the future we will make it to the Florida springs and be able to take more courses that can implement this knowledge.  We will have to revisit this book in the future.

Our Rating: Once again just like the forensic diving book this was a good read however it was rather short.  We were again left wanting quite a bit more.

Mastering Rebreathers

Jeffrey E. Bozanic – DAN/Rolex Diver of the Year 2007
 Our Rating: We have not yet read this book however it comes HIGHLY recommended by all those in the CCR community.

 Our Rating: Jill did a great job in presenting the information and there is no doubt that she is well respected within this community.  Our only critique was that it felt like she would present some information on  a topic and then pull back as to not provide specifics that someone would try and execute.  It seemed like she was hesitating with information as to not “inspire” any untrained cave divers to make a cave dive attempt.  All in all a good (but expensive) book.