Specialty Instructor – Day 1

2014-08-06 15.57.32

Last night we finished the Night Divers Specialty Instructor course. So today we woke up early (not as early as the previous days) to knock out some specialty presentations. We did Search and Recovery and Underwater Navigation Specialty Instructor training before diving today. PADI puts a 3 training dive limit on students and since we were in a “student” capacity for the instructor courses we can only do 3 training dives per day. This meant some pretty busy days with 3 dives in the morning / early afternoon followed by remaining presentations and coursework.

Once we came back from the 3 dives we cleaned equipment and grabbed a quick bite to eat. Around 1500 we gathered with our Course Director (Camille Lemmens) for the Wreck Diving Specialty Instructor training. The information that he provided was really great, especially for those of new instructors that weren’t familiar with any technical diving. Although the course is NOT technical diving there are risks involved that are greater than that of just normal diving…after all the last dive for the specialty could involve penetration.

To give everyone a minute taste of how difficult it could be to navigate while blind we practiced setting up and following lines by feel. We had to follow our original line and not get off our exit line. This was a great exercise that everyone had fun with while learning some difficulties that might occur underwater.

If you are interested in doing penetration diving please watch this video first:

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