Specialty Instructor – Day 3 (Final Day) — Deep Diver — Dive # 1000

Deep Diver Specialty Instructor
Today was our last day on the East coast and I believe that was OK with everyone. We were definitely exhausted after all of the training that we had been through already. IDC, IE, Specialty Instructor makes for a long 2 weeks, but we are finally here.

Today is also a special day because Allen Rivera will hit is 1000th dive! This is definitely a nice achievement to be proud of. This week has been full of milestones. We had 2 divers make their 100th dive, Allen hit 1000 and Camille hit 2000 dives!

Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 10.15.24
We had to conduct 2 deep dives today for the Specialty Instructors course. For dive 1 we dove to 30m (planned) on NITROX, although some decided to get in an extra meter or 2 just for fun… and hung out for a bit at some cube fish blocks. After only a couple of minutes we headed back up for a very slow ascent. For this dive we hung a tank of 36% NITROX (EANx) at 5m for use at our safety stop. Each diver breathed off of the tank for 1 minute and then we took a very slow 5m ascent.

George and Larry Deep Puzzle Buddy Team

On Dive 2 we compared depth gauges (Shearwater Petrels were by far the most consistent), did a child’s puzzle where you put blocks into holes (square block into square hole etc.) and then we also did some other skills like navigation out and back, and took a look at a flexible container that was full on the surface but collapsed under pressure.

Allen's 100th Dive

While we were down there we took a picture with everyone and Allen for his 1000th dive! This is definitely an accomplishment. What a great way to end the IDC/IE/MSDT training.

Once we got back to the shop everyone was scrambling to clean gear and fill out paperwork…and hand our credit card info over to PADI (we still had to pay for all the specialty instructor processing fees). It was a bitter sweet task because we had grown to a pretty well bonded group who had fun and ribbed each other throughout the IDC/IE. We were all happy to be getting a small break from diving and waking up early however we did still have to say goodbye to people as they left for other countries and other parts of Korea.

Seorak Mountains

We had beautiful weather for the long drive back from the East Coast. We decided to take Highway 44 to 46 to 60 back, this meant long winding roads through Seorak Mountains and it was a great idea. Minimal traffic off the expressway and amazing scenery.

I would like to say thanks to my fellow IDC Candidate’s (and newest PADI Instructors): Carel Aucamp, Michael Podesta, Lisa Rivera and George Smith. It was a great experience and I am glad to have gone through it with you. See you in the water!

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