Summer Scuba Diving Event … finally back

The 38th Parallel Divers are heading back out into the ocean. I finally got the green light to get back in the water after getting LASIK eye surgery, so we are headed to the Korean East Coast for a 3 day weekend of diving. This weekend will be a mix of training dives and fun dives.

With the updates to PADI’s new course materials (and since we have been out of the water for 2 months) we hit the books to make sure we know the standards and requirements for PADI’s Peak Performance Buoyancy (PPB) and PADI’s AWARE specialties. It was nice to see that there is more acknowledgement of rebreather divers in the new Instructor Guides, this is going to be critical now that more and more manufacturers are making Type “R” (Recreational) rebreathers like the Hollis Explorer. It has been a while since we have dove an entire weekend in ONLY recreational gear, usually we try to get a mix of Tec and Rec especially since getting our PRISM2 technical rebreather. Is is tough to give up the possibility of 2.5hours on a single dive.

The exciting part of diving purely recreational equipment is the decreased time for setup and tear-down…this increases our ability to hang out with new divers, offer (and learn) tips and tricks, and get our BBQ on. We will be celebrating America’s Independence with our friends from around the world. How can it get better you ask? We now stay at the dive resort so we don’t have to hurry with gear cleaning to rush to the hotel to rush to dinner…we relax and clean…and shoot the breeze!

Everyone is truly welcome to join us on the east coast for some great diving, we hope to see you there!

Facebook Event Link
Dates: 4-6 July 2014
Namae-Ri (Local Area)
GPS Directions: 77 Maebangu-gil, Hyeonnam-myeon, Yangyang, Gangwon-do, South Korea

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