IDC Day 6 – Final Confined Water Tasks

Group Pic Final Confined Water

0700 – Wake-Up
0800 – Breakfast (perhaps one day, haha)
0900 – Pool (Graded Confined Water Presentations: Open Water Diver and Rescue Diver)
1200 – lunch (at Chili’s finally)
1300 – (Remainder of IDC Presentations)
1700 – Complete

So today we started out the day a bit sluggish but ready to finish out the confined water portion and final presentations. Mainly because we knew we had a day off (Friday) from any diving evaluation. Everyone’s presentations went excellent, definitely improving upon the first ones. It would be nice to go home and sleep in our own beds for a night before we go to Open Water.

At this point I believe each of us (I definitely can) appreciate the process of the IDC. Prior to the IDC whether it was watching other instructors or in preparation for this IDC I thought oh wow this is easy, just read the slates, do the skills that I know and keep divers safe…easy cheesy right? Kind of…only not really (yet). Despite being extremely confident and competent in the water when you have students in front of you it is different, now add the fact that you have someone deciding your fate looking for the smallest details in presentation, problem solving and control. At this point you think anything except perfect skills is a “problem” and you do-it-again. I am sure each former instructor candidate will be able to relate to this. Only a few more presentations for Open Water and we can finally call ourselves….oh wait we still have to do that damn examination thing…

As you approach the end of your IDC you feel more and more like a real instructor and you become excited at the fact that the IDC is almost over hoever every once in a while you remember that you still have the Instructor Examination (IE) to complete. At the IE you have to do it all again but with a new (and more intimidating) evaluator and you better not mess up cause you only have 2 days, 2 tries (on some stuff) and that’s IT. You do NOT want to be a recycle … (I know some of you will know that word…and yes it was from the evil school, if you don’t know what I am talking about no worries you didn’t really miss anything).

Today was the first day where we didn’t have to do a Rescue at the end of the pool session so we were able to quickly get out and prepare ourselves for some much needed comfort foods from Chili’s. Not sure that was such a great idea because the sleep monster would eventually creep up on all of us in the class room and tried to put us each in a food coma.


Once we all started coming out of the food coma we were able to focus on the last 2 presentations on Open Water and several workshops. This was a great transition into Open Water diving in the IDC. Finally the presentations are complete we are able to pack up and relax for a day as we pack and drive out to the East Coast, Sacheon Beach to be exact. Stay tuned for Tomorrow’s post.

Preparing for the PADI IDC and IE

As some of you know a few of us 38th Parallel Divers are preparing for one of the most exciting recreational scuba courses that PADI offers, the PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) and the Instructor Exam (IE). Needless to say I am, and I am sure that the others planning to attend are, nervous; but in a good way.

Aside from the fact that we are all putting in significant time (having to take about 2 weeks vacation time off) and money (approximately $2000) we are ultimately being rated on our abilities in instructing others in a safe and precise manner. This is without-a-doubt critical to ensure we teach safe and environmentally friendly habits and techniques to students who might in turn instruct students later in their diving career.

We know that we will be tested in 4 major sections:

  • Classroom Instruction
  • Confined Water
  • Open Water
  • Dive Theory & Standards and Procedures

I believe the nervousness comes from wanting to get everything absolutely perfect and on the first try.  While this is something great to strive for it doesn’t always provide the best learning, sometimes getting it a bit incorrect (or less effective) will allow the CD (Course Director) to show us a better or preferred technique.

How have we prepared?

  1. Get in LOTS of diving (real skills in a real environment)
  2. Re-read the PADI Encyclopedia of Diving, take the tests from previous courses
  3. Get to the pool and hit the demonstration skills until you are comfortable doing them slowly, precise and demonstrating key points

Because I am (and I know the other divers are as well) a perfectionist I wanted MORE preparation, more visualization, more understanding of best methods…but how?  I stumbled across Steve Prior’s YouTube Channel; according to his site he is a PADI Platinum Course Director.  The best thing about the videos is that they are FREE!  Steve does also offer Distance Learning IDC Prep (£125 approx $214).  For us this is a bit too much to spend just prior to the IDC; especially since the IDC is entirely designed to prepare instructor candidates for the IE.

Here is one of the free video from Steve Prior (Skills for the new 2014 OW Course):


Our IDC is being taught by Camille Lemmens, a Platinum Course Director, who has a massive amount of experience and knowledge (which is why we reached out to him to come here and instruct us).  

Our IDC starts on 26 July 2014, stay tuned to see what it was like attending our 2014 IDC/IE in South Korea…for now we have to hit the books and keep preparing…wish us good luck!