Technician Course & VIP Instructor Certifications

In February 2014 we headed off to Hawaii to attend the AUP Open Circuit Technician’s course, the Hollis Explorer Semi-Closed Circuit Rebreather Technician course and the PRISM 2 eCCR Technician course. The courses lasted 2 days on Oahu in the AUP Hawaii Building. It was a great class hosted and instructed by some great folks from AUP/Hollis. Now that we have a certified AUP Open circuit technician we are able to service several pieces of equipment. The main premise behind the course was to gain technical knowledge into fixing the PRISM 2; this is extremely beneficial because shipping the PRISM 2 to/from California to get serviced simply takes too long.

The day after we returned from Hawaii we attended a PSI (Professional Scuba Inspectors) VCI (Visual Cylinder Inspector’s) course. We coordinated wit PSI to host a local course which was instructed by Dr. Kang (only PSI Instructor on peninsula). The visual cylinder inspector’s course will enable us to ensure our divers’ tanks are in keeping with American standards (which also happen to be the same as Korean standards). This course goes hand-in-hand with the Gas Blender course that we had taken earlier in the year. Now we can Visually Inspect and sticker (VIP) tanks for up to 100% oxygen use. This is great, especially for our technical and rebreather divers.

If anyone would be interested in taking the PSI-VCI (VIP) course or the Gas Blender course please contact us via our Facebook page.

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