Welcome to the 38th Parallel Divers

Welcome to 38th Parallel Divers.com website.  We are in the process of uploading new content and integrating the website with our Facebook page (38thParallelDivers).

This past weekend (April 1st) We decided to take a trip out to the South Korean East coast and once again dive at the 38th Parallel.  When we dive the 38th Parallel we like to use the 38th Marine dive shop.  This weekend was purely for training with Aquatic Frontier for dry suit certifications.  Several of us had purchased dry suits and needed to finish the open water portion of the certification.

The viz was very poor, only about 3M (9 feet).  Usually we have much better viz but there was nothing we could do about it with the amount of wind that we had.  We all finished our certifications on Saturday and then had a much deserved hot meal.  On Sunday the guys headed North, yes I said North of the 38th Parallel, to get in some diving that some of have never done before.  The viz was only slightly better at about 4M (12 feet). Allen, Jay and myself decided to do a deeper dive to get comfortable with our dry suit inflation and squeeze.  We dove to around 28M (90 feet) and then surfaced.

One of the greatest things about this weekend was that we were able to make it back home from the east coast in 3 hours flat.  This is almost unheard of seeing as how it normally takes us around 5-6 hours due to traffic.

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