Diving Education & Training During the Winter

Diving LibraryRecently we were asked for recommendations on books, videos and any other educational material about diving.  This weekend we combed over our materials to develop this list of information.  We divided it into four major categories:

Within each of these topics is a short write-up on what we thought of the materials and how we rated it on a scale of 0-5.  Zero meaning we haven’t yet read/watched it (but heard good things so we bought it) thru 5 meaning we recommend this as a MUST HAVE for every diver’s library at home.  We also took the time to link to Amazon (where appropriate).  This does two things:

  • give you a direct link to the product that we have
  • helps us generate a tiny (and yes we mean tiny) amount of revenue to help cover website costs (remember we are a club without membership dues)

So please, if you are going to make an Amazon purchase, use our provided links.  Ok enough our plugging our links.

The second part of this quick blog is once you have the knowledge how does a diver (in Korea specifically) practice any of these skills in preparation for the upcoming dive year?  This is really important for all those warm water divers or divers without drysuits.  We know you want to practice however not to the point of freezing in 4° C waters.

Will he just answer us already…where and how can we practice?  OK. OK.. it is simple continue to check our page (Facebook Events Page) for events for pool sessions.  Any time that we have pool sessions feel free to come along and practice buoyancy, SMB, and any and all other skills related to diving.  If you want to see a specific skill clinic simply ask.  We are more than happy to get in pool with you to assist in developing your skills.

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